Although a foundation is not required, some Avocado customers opt for foundations to allow them to place their new mattress on a bed frame (which has side rails, but limited interior support) or a traditional bed, where an additional layer is needed for support or desired for aesthetic reasons. In these situations, we recommend a knock-down foundation from U.S. Box Spring. 

U.S. Box Spring makes natural wood foundations (they do not make box springs) from kiln-dried North West Spruce, that can support up to 1,500 lbs. With 15 slats spaced less than 3" apart, they are ideal for any Avocado Green Mattress. They also come with a simple organic cover and fit on all standard bed sizes. Note: They do require at-home assembly, but this can be done without tools and takes about 20 minutes

U.S. Box Spring offers two heights — (low profile) 5.5 inches and (standard) 8 inches. (Some customers that purchase our pillow top mattress, which is 13 inches tall, opt for the shorter 5.5 inch foundation.)

NOTE: Avocado does not have a relationship with this product or company, and does not receive any affiliate commissions in the event that you purchase this product. 

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