This organic cotton mattress pad, by OrganicTextiles, has an outer organic sateen fabric and is filled with combed certified organic cotton. It is one of the only mattress pads on the market completely free of toxic substances, and is manufactured without using vinyl, PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene or other synthetic layers. These mattress pads can be washed frequently, as needed.

The following is supplied from OrganicTextiles:

  • All organic cotton mattress pads made from finest certified organic cottons filling and organic cotton soft covering. No dyes or chemicals, minimal processing to keep it close to nature.
  • Very refreshing and do not have the limitation of spot cleaning or dry cleaning as most other mattress pads do. Can be washed as needed.
  • Heavy duty. Made to last and have 25-50% higher filling than most mattress pads in the market. This will protect your mattress investment for long time.
  • Pads are designed to stay in place without straps or elastic bands. This increases the life span of the pad and mattress.
  • Great for users who like dry surface without the “polyester feel”. Easily absorbs sweat of accidental spills. Helps individuals with hot flashes.

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