Tuft&Needle®, Casper®, Leesa® and other similar brands have helped to disrupt the traditional brick-and-mortar store mattress buying model by selling direct to consumers online. They ship their mattresses compressed in a box, just like we do. 

However, that's where the similarities end. Tuft&Needle®, Casper®, Leesa®, and others manufacture their mattresses with petroleum-based polyurethane foam. They also use chemical adhesives and chemical fire retardants to bond their layers together and pass flammability tests. These materials are known to emit volatile organic gasses as they age and can cause health issues.

In contrast, our mattresses are made by hand in California with natural and organic materials. We use 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam sourced from tree-tapped and sustainable sources, natural Joma® New Zealand Wool and certified organic cotton. Our hybrid mattresses also incorporate an advanced innerspring unit with up to 1,414 individually pocketed support coils. Our mattresses are even button-tufted by hand, so no chemical adhesives are used. And we use natural hydrated silica with our natural materials so our mattresses exceed all US flammability standards without the use of chemical flame retardants.

As a result, our Avocado Green Mattress costs more than Tuft&Needle®, Casper®, Leesa®, Purple® and other mass produced, bed-in-a-box products. But our natural products are significantly more comfortable, supportive, cool, healthy, eco-friendly and responsible. And that makes all the difference.

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