Fortunately, we can make a flame retardant mattress without using chemical fire retardants, which have a known toxicity and health risks.

At Avocado, we use hydrated-silica sand as our primary fire protection barrier. Hydrated silica is basically crushed quartz and opal gemstones, also known simply as sand. It is a natural material and non-toxic.

When exposed to flames, the hydrated silica forms a natural fire barrier that char and self-extinguishes without the use of toxic chemicals. It meets and exceeds all U.S. standards for flammability.

We also use natural wool in our mattress. Wool’s inherent chemical structure makes wool naturally flame resistant. Wool is harder to ignite than many common textile fibers. While cotton catches alight at 255°C, the temperature must reach 570-600°C before wool will ignite.

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