Avocado mattresses feature our distinctive, hand-tufted rosettes made from pure white Joma® New Zealand wool. 

Hand-tufting is a time-honored technique dating back to the 17th century. It’s also highly functional. It prevents trenches and lumps from appearing over time. And wool tufts act as anchors by pulling yarn through each layer of the mattress. This secures them in place without the use of dangerous chemical adhesives between the comfort layers of organic cotton ticking, wool and natural latex. 

The Hand Tufting Process

Tufting is the last step in the production process for our mattress. It begins with 10 - 17 inch steel tufting needles, which are threaded with fabric tape, then anchored by decorative yarn rosettes made from natural wool.

Next, the mattress is placed in a specialized mattress compactor, which firmly holds and compresses the mattress, while it is turned to a vertical orientation. This makes it easier for a two-person team to perform the manual tufting work.

The process is time consuming. The threaded steel tufting needles are punched through all of the layers of the mattress, one by one, in a carefully prescribed and alternating pattern, before being tied and anchored at the bottom with anchors made from natural wool felt.

Once the mattress is fully tufted, the compressor releases the mattress. It then expands and the tufts are pulled taught. This gives the mattress those beautiful undulations and its distinctive luxury appearance. 😀 

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