To Open Your Avocado Green Mattress:

  1. Open the brown shipping box at the top or bottom. Your mattress will be sealed inside within two layers of plastic. 
  2. Slide the mattress out of the box, by laying the box on its side. 
  3. Carefully cut the outer layer of plastic only, and remove it from the mattress. The mattress will still be sealed within a second layer of plastic. Do not cut both layers of plastic at the same time, or the mattress will immediately begin to expand while rolled. 
  4. Unroll the mattress and position it — either on the floor or on your bed frame — in a spot where it has ample room to expand to full size.
  5. Finally, carefully cut the remaining layer of plastic and remove it. The mattress will fill to full size rather quickly (but not in any dangerous or alarming way). Within 30 minutes, you can lay on it. Within a few hours, your mattress will be fully expanded. 


  1. To be green, we use plain brown shipping boxes. The money we save allows us to fund our charitable and giving initiatives. We encourage you to read about them on our website.
  2. All mattresses are sent compressed — for both FedEx delivery and the optional in-home delivery & setup service. We have found it keeps them safer during transport, and makes it far easier to move them up stairs and around corners (without marking walls) while they are still compressed.
  3. Any wrinkles will disappear within a few days. 
  4. Some customers may experience a soft, sweet, vanilla-like smell after opening their mattress. It will disappear. This is a result of the natural materials used (latex, wool and cotton), which have been vacuum-sealed within the plastic just after the mattress was made. It is not harmful in any way.
  5. Please recycle the plastic wrapping (LDPE #4) and the shipping box! 

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