We have an extremely low rate of returns during the 100-night free mattress trial period, but, yes, it does happen. When it does, we arrange to have the mattress picked up — you do not have to package it or ship it back. We do our best to coordinate everything for you. (We have an awesome support team.) 

So, what happens to a returned mattress? 

Because we're a passionately green company, we do our absolute best to ensure that returned mattresses are donated to a local charity or provided to a needy person/family (subject to verification). We do not want a returned mattress to be recycled or, in a worst case scenario, end up in a landfill. This is important to us. Donating mattresses is done in the spirit of our broader Giving initiatives and our work with 1% for the Planet. 

Rest assured, we do not resell previously used mattresses, and we only use all new materials in every mattress (which is confirmed on your mattress’ legal label).

Donating a returned mattress is a logistical and time-intensive challenge for us to help coordinate, but one that we're happy to undertake. If the program is done right, the impact can be significant, turning an unfortunate situation (a returned mattress) into a positive one! For example, here's a snap of Sarah in Seattle after receiving her donated Avocado Green Mattress.

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