Here’s how the trial program works for Avocado Green Mattress Toppers and Vegan Mattress Toppers:

Sleep on your new Avocado Organic Latex Topper or Avocado Vegan Mattress Topper for at least 30 days and up to one year before deciding if it's right for you. If you have purchased our Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Topper and Alpaca Wool Mattress Topper, enjoy a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-day minimum for our Alpaca Topper.

Your 1-year or 100-night mattress topper trial begins the day you receive your mattress topper. Please keep in mind that it takes time to adjust to a new mattress topper. We ask that you try your topper for at least 30 days. Your Avocado mattress topper is unlike any mattress topper you’ve experienced before. Some people love it after the first night. For others, it takes a little longer. Should you wish to proceed with a return after 30 days, we will work with you to arrange everything. There are no hidden charges for restocking or return pickups.

Please note: Our sleep trial is limited to one return of each product type per household. If you return or exchange a product, it ends your sleep trial for that product type (mattress, topper, base, pillows, protectors, sheets) and no other sleep trials are eligible for your household in the future for that product type.

Exceptions: Green Pillows, Latex Pillows, and Twin XL size mattress (used to make a Split King for use on an adjustable base), for which two may be returned from a single order, since they are often bought in pairs.) We define this household-wide policy by your customer name, shipping address, billing method/account, or billing address.

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