We don't recommend using a box spring because it contains springs. Firmer, non-yielding surfaces are better suited for our Avocado mattresses.

Our mattresses are best suited for firmer, non-yielding surfaces, to include platform beds, mattress foundations, or bed slats within a bed frame placed approximately 5" apart or less. In short, anything that does not contain springs.

Why? Because a box spring, like the name suggests, actually contains innersprings. Using a box spring with an Avocado mattress tends to make the sleeping experience too springy for most people.

If you are not sure, try adding a strong, supportive bunkie board (Like the Zinus one shown below) between the box spring and the mattress. The flat surface will offer a firm, non-yielding surface that is ideal. If you select this option, we also recommend placing the mattress on a coconut pad that will still allow for proper airflow.

(Note: Our Avocado Foundations do not contain innersprings and provide a rigid support surface.)

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