People wear clothing made of wool to keep warm in cold climates, and people wear it to keep cool in hot desert areas. Just ask the Bedouins of the Middle East who have been wearing wool in the middle of the desert for centuries.

For hundreds of years, these nomadic people have chosen wool for their treks across some of the hottest lands on Earth. That's because wool is well-known for its superior insulation properties, but few people realize it works both ways.

The fact is: wool is an excellent temperature moderator, ideally suited for use in bedding. It's also sustainable, natural, and biodegradable. Wool will far outperform most synthetic fibers due to its unique "crimped" structure.

In our Avocado Green Mattress, we use only the finest — 100% GOTS organic certified wool harvested from our own farm in the Himalayas.

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