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All our wood bed frames are handmade in our FSC® certified (C156318) Los Angeles woodshop. Our Eco Wood Bed Frame offers a raised platform and clean lines, while our Natural Wood Bed frame features a low platform and headboard. Our new, affordable City Bed with optional headboard is quick to assemble with a sleek profile. Our Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame has angular legs and is a timeless heirloom that will last generations. And our Malibu Floating Bed Frame combines unparalleled craftsmanship with extraordinary beauty. Still have questions after this breakdown? Schedule a free, 30-minute personal consultation via Zoom with our world class customer experience team today.

Eco Wood Bed Frame

We designed our Eco Wood Bed Frame to offer an elevated platform without the need for a headboard. With a minimal design, it features 10 inches of clearance under the side rails of the bed — a space ideal for storage. But because the platform is 16 inches off the ground, it may not be suitable for younger toddlers or children — who could be at risk for rolling out of bed — or for individuals that have difficulty getting in and out of bed. For a lower, more accessible platform, our Natural Wood Bed Frame is a great option. Our Eco Wood Bed Frame is ideally suited to effortlessly support an Avocado mattress, while allowing for ample airflow.

Natural Wood Bed Frame

Our Natural Wood Bed Frame offers a low platform, but also reduces or eliminates the space under the rails for potential storage. However, it does feature a substantial headboard, with a more traditional aesthetic. Our Natural Wood Bed Frame will easily support an Avocado mattress, while allowing for ample airflow through the slats.

City Bed Frame with Optional Headboard

An affordable, real wood bed frame that’s high-quality, simple to set-up, and eco-friendly. We craft our sleek City Bed in our Los Angeles woodshop, where we combine high-tech capabilities with traditional craftsmanship. That includes a patented interlocking corner design with finger and dovetail joints that provide exceptional quality, strength, and durability. No nasty, VOC-emitting glues or finishes — the bed frame is consistent with the greater sustainability mission powering Avocado Green Brands. Best of all, it’s a breeze to assemble and take apart, with virtually no hardware.

Augment your bedroom with our beautiful City Bed Frame Headboard. Made in our Los Angeles shop from the same 100% FSC-certified timber as the rest of the frame, the headboard is easy to attach to the frame by inserting a couple of included screws in pre-drilled holes. Headboard is optional and must be selected at time of bed frame purchase.

Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

Our Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame is made from sturdy natural timber and assembled with eco-conscious materials. We construct the frame with reclaimed wood or 100% walnut. The slats in the reclaimed wood model are sourced from responsibly forested Douglas fir. Handmade in our Los Angeles facility (just like our mattresses), which marries traditional craftsmanship with high-tech capabilities, the platform adds elegance to any bedroom. Inspired by mid-century design, the bed employs clean, simple lines to create a classic piece that will last generations.

Malibu Floating Bed Frame

Our Malibu Bed Frame is uncompromising. We exclusively use 100% FSC-certified maple to build the floating frame. Maple’s natural patina delivers a warm, elegant beauty. The hardwood is also incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and resilient. Our craftsmanship includes handsome rounded edges and dovetail joints that provide exceptional quality and strength. We build it all in our facility in Los Angeles, where we marry traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. No nasty, VOC-emitting (volatile organic compound) glues or finishes — we build the Malibu Bed Frame with the greater sustainability mission powering Avocado Green Brands at its forefront. The shop’s FSC certification validates that we meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. Free delivery and in-home setup included.

Malibu Platform Bed Frame

Simple yet exquisite. Handcrafted with 100% FSC®-certified maple wood, our Malibu Platform Bed Frame combines tasteful elements with modern touches — like rounded edges and easy assembly — for a classic design that will never go out of style. Maple is a high-quality hardwood that is durable, resilient, and sustainable. And the wood’s beautiful, natural patina adds to its exceptional appeal. No toxic, VOC-emitting glues or finishes are ever used. Elevate your bed frame’s already beautiful style with an optional 35-inch or 41-inch tall headboard (ideal for the pillow-top Luxury Plush Mattress) featuring the same luxury materials as the base. Every piece is made in our clean energy-powered, FSC®-certified Los Angeles facility, which combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology and meets stringent social and environmental responsibility standards.

Still have questions? Schedule a free, 30-minute personal consultation via Zoom with our world class customer experience team today.

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