Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is included at no charge on all orders.

Optional In-Home Delivery & Setup

In-Home Delivery & Setup services are available for an additional fee for applicable products. This fee is based on the total weight of the applicable products within your order that are being sent via In-Home Delivery services. Please note:

  1. Smaller items may ship separately via FedEx®.

  2. Some of our products include In-Home Delivery Services at no additional cost, because they are too heavy to be shipped via a standard delivery service, such as FedEx®. We include the shipping so our customers always have a no-charge shipping option with their purchase. Our products that have In-Home Delivery & Setup included without any additional fee are: Organic Luxury Plush Mattress, Eco Pro Adjustable Bed Frame Base, Malibu Bed Frame, Natural Wood Bed Frame, Natural Wood Dresser, Natural Wood End Table, Malibu Wood Dresser, and Malibu Wood Nightstand. The weight of these products are not calculated when considering the total weight of your order.

  3. In Home Delivery & Setup services are recommended for larger mattress sizes, due to their weight.

  4. For In-Home services, our delivery team will schedule a time within a 4-hour window to deliver and set-up your new mattress and furniture, and, if desired, remove your old mattress, mattress foundation, or mattress box spring. (Mattress removal is only available in select areas, subject to local health regulations. Our delivery team cannot remove bed frames or other related bedroom furniture.)

  5. Mattresses delivered via our In-Home Delivery & Setup service are shipped compressed in a box. Because natural mattresses can be heavy, this is particularly helpful when navigating up stairs and around tight turns. However, our Organic Luxury Plush Mattress is shipped flat and boxed, rather than being compressed.

  6. All shipping is carbon negative. 🙂 We offset every scope of our carbon footprint.

  7. Optional In-Home Delivery & Setup services are nonrefundable.

  8. Optional In-Home Delivery & Setup costs are calculated based on total shipping weight of applicable products, rather than a flat fee per product. As a result, when ordering more than one mattress, In-Home Delivery & Setup services are now more affordable.

Applicable Total Weight

In-Home Delivery & Setup Cost

Up to 225 lbs


226 - 300 lbs


301 - 400 lbs


401 - 500 lbs


501 - 700 lbs


701 - 900 lbs


901 - 1,200 lbs


1,200 - 1,600 lbs


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