How do you keep glasses from fogging? Most simply don't wear them, choosing contact lenses when they go out. For those who don't use contacts and rely on their eyeglasses, we have a few tips to avoid fogging. Check out this guide from the New York Times for more information.

  • Try your best to seal the mask around your face. Some have used pipe cleaners or tape to help mold the mask over the bridge of your nose.

  • If air is seeping out of the top of your mask, it might not be on tightly enough. Try sealing it a little closer to your face by tightening the straps behind your head.

  • Still fogging up? Try to prevent fogging on your lenses in the first place with a few home remedies, like soapy water, toothpaste, baby shampoo, or shaving cream. Rise and let air dry. They should leave behind a transparent residue that keeps the water molecules that create the fog from forming.

  • As a last resort, try pushing your glasses farther onto the bridge of your nose so more air circulates.

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