Innerspring Scarcity Causing Hybrid Mattress Delays

Avocado Green and Vegan hybrid mattresses are impacted by an industry-wide shortage of innerspring units, resulting from high demand and logistical impacts beyond our control, rippling around the world due to the Covid-19 crisis.

(Our Latex Mattress and Vegan Latex Mattress do not use an innerspring unit and are ready to ship within 3 weeks from Los Angeles.)

That is why it takes a long time to get a quality innerspring mattress right now, regardless of the brand. To address this challenge, some mattress companies have quietly switched to lesser quality innerspring units with greater availability. We have opted not to do so. We don't feel that compromising on quality is ever the right choice. As a result, our fulfillment times for innerspring mattresses are much longer than pre-Covid expectations. They are also often unpredictable, even with conservative expectations, due to supply chain logistics, material shortages, overwhelmed shipping infrastructures, and the combined impact of staff illness, quarantining and social distancing across the supply and manufacturing chains.

"Pressure has been building since the start of the pandemic. Now, the entire world supply chain is under pressure, " according to the Financial Times.

Even so, the situation is slowly improving. Fulfillment times are lowering. Rest assured, we are doing our best to manage expectations and meet demand, while maintaining our high standards. We are also leveling up our technology to improve communications and significantly expanded our customer experience team to better assist our deeply valued patrons.

FedEx Shipping Delays

FedEx is similarly experiencing complications and delays, despite unprecedented demand. COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains globally as well, and air cargo capacity is extremely constrained. This is causing local, state, and national governments around the world to issue work and travel restrictions on a daily basis, which are impacting FedEx's ability to meet service expectations. Additionally, for safety and the well-being of customers, FedEx has suspended signature requirements in most markets.


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