The Avocado Mid-Century Bed is easy and intuitive to assemble. It includes in-home delivery in set-up. Should you need to assemble or disassemble the bed, follow these simple instructions. The Mid-Century Bed is shown here is reclaimed wood, but solid walnut is also an option. No foundation or box spring is needed. The assembly process, from start to finish, takes about 20 minutes, and is best performed with two people.

  1. Place the frame upside down.

  2. Matching the numbers to their corresponding corner, slide each leg into its indicated corner on the base.

  3. Using a drill, screw in the included hardware. 2 sets per leg.

  4. Repeat for all 4 legs.

  5. Insert the center legs. Holes are pre-drilled. Screw in the legs in clockwise direction until tight.

  6. Flip bed frame.

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