Our stunning Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame with our MCM Headboard will make any bedroom beautiful. The bed frame will ship partially assembled with one large platform and legs and headboard unattached. Made in our Los Angeles shop from FSC® certified (C156318) walnut (we do not offer the headboard in a reclaimed wood version), the bed frame and headboard are easy to set up. Your purchase of the Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame and MCM Headboard includes our in-home delivery and set-up, but you’ll want to use these instructions in case you ever need to move your bed frame. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench (not included).

Bed Frame

  • 1 platform

  • 4 angular legs

  • 4 support legs

  • 8 long screws

  • 8 short screws

  • 16 washers

  • 1 allen wrench

  1. Place the frame upside down.

  2. Twist the shorter support legs in the holes in the middle of the platform.

  3. Slide angular legs into each corner, aligning with the corresponding letter, either A, B, C, or D.

  4. For each leg, insert two shorter screws with a washer on the outside of the frame. Tighten with the allen wrench.

  5. Flip the bed frame.

  6. Adjust the levelers on the bottom of the center support legs for evenness.

  7. Insert the longer screws with a washer in the holes on the topside of the platform. Tighten with the allen wrench.

For the Headboard

  • 1 headboard

  • 3 “U” brackets

  • 6 screws

  • 6 washers

  • 6 nuts

  • 1 allen wrench

  1. Place the headboard so it’s flush with the frame.

  2. Insert the “U” brackets from the back side, through the slits in the headboard. The holes should align with those on the frame.

  3. Insert the screws with a washer.

  4. Twist a nut on the end of each screw. Using the allen wrench and a wrench to hold the nut in place, tighten the nut until it’s firmly in place.

  5. Sleep well!

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