Our stunning Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame Headboard is also compatible with our Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame. Made in our Los Angeles shop from the same FSC® certified (C156318) walnut as the rest of the Mid Century Frame (we do not offer a reclaimed wood version), the headboard is easy to attach. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench (not included). Your purchase of the Mid-Century Modern Headboard includes our in-home delivery and set-up, but you’ll want to use these instructions in case you ever need to move your bed frame.

  1. Take account of parts — you should have two “L” brackets and 2 “T” brackets; 12 screws, washers, and nuts; and six walnut legs.

  2. On the underside of the frame, unscrew the existing legs, and screw on the six matching walnut legs.

  3. Secure the “T” bracket to the “L” bracket by inserting a screw, washer, and nut on the outermost hole.

  4. Tighten by securing the nut with a wrench and twisting the screw with the Allen wrench.

  5. Place attached brackets on the headboard.

  6. Insert the screws.

  7. Place a washer, and then a nut on each screw. Using a wrench, tighten the screw until firmly in place.

  8. Slide the headboard brackets onto the Adjustable Bed Frame.

  9. Insert a screw, washer, and nut to connect the headboard brackets to the frame and tighten with a socket wrench.

  10. Enjoy your new bed frame and sleep well!

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