At Reed + Gwen, we use low-impact packaging that can be reused, upcycled, composted, or recycled.

We use premium packaging that is durable and long-lasting, so we recommend upcycling or reusing our containers. However, if you prefer to dispose of our packaging or containers, please recycle or compost them.

Many of our beauty formulas come in glass containers. Some — like our Supercharged Reishi Body Melt — are even made of mostly recycled glass. When you've used up all the product, simply clean out the glass container and recycle it (make sure you remove the labels as well).

Other products, like our Snoozy Bath Soak with Magnesium Flakes, come in a paper pouch made from sustainably sourced forests. The pouch is 100% compostable. To compost the pouch, peel off the front and back label and put it in your composting bin.

The paper cartons we package our products in are also made of post-consumer waste paper — or paper that has been recycled and then reused to make our cartons. By manufacturing our cartons in this way, we save 55.7 trees compared to non-post-consumer waste paper. Please recycle these cartons.

Please note: You can dispose of caps and pumps through the waste or drop them off at your nearest Terracycle station.

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