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What Success Tips Can You Share For My Sleep Trial?
What Success Tips Can You Share For My Sleep Trial?

Depending on the type and condition of mattress you’re transitioning from, your body might need time to adjust to your Avocado mattress.

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Ensure you have proper support and good pillows and airflow. Use natural bedding and give your body time to adjust.

*Please note: the Vegan Mattress and Vegan Latex Mattress do not contain wool. The Avocado Latex Mattress and Vegan Latex Mattress do not contain an innerspring unit.

Your Avocado Mattress Guide to Success

Your Avocado mattress is unlike any mattress you’ve experienced before. Some people love it after the first night. For others, it takes a little longer. Depending on the type and condition of mattress you’re transitioning from, your body might need time to adjust. Experiencing proper posture and back support may actually cause a few aches and pains along the way. This might take a month or more. But you’ll appreciate it in the end. That’s why we require that customers give their new mattress at least 30 days. Should you wish to proceed with a return after 30 days, we will work with you to arrange everything.

Please note: all mattress and topper orders that are returned before the minimum requirements of our Sleep Trial Policy are fulfilled, which require a 30-day minimum, are responsible for a 15% early return fee.

Our Sleep Trial Program allows you to try your mattress in the comfort of your home, without risk. These tips will help ensure your sleep trial experience exceeds expectations.

Setting up your mattress? Extra hands are helpful.

Please note that an Avocado mattress can be heavy. Depending on the size, two people may be required to move the mattress. Take care when lifting to avoid personal injury and/or damage to the mattress. Use the reinforced handles on each side to move and rotate your mattress, but not for lengthy carrying. Any natural scent will dissipate after a few days.

Checking dimensions? Although slight variations occur, your mattress will eventually relax and expand. This is a handmade product, give it some time.

Our mattresses are handmade to precise dimensions, but slight variances are normal. However, during roll-packing and transportation, some contraction may occur. This is also the result of how our mattresses are made — with natural and organic fibers, but without glues between the comfort layers and without the use of polyurethane foams. (This is one of the main reasons why you bought our mattress, after all.) Rest assured, your new mattress will relax and expand after it's used for a short while.

Got a supportive base? It's essential.

The Avocado mattress features the industry's best support system. We use the highest-end support unit on the planet. It contains between 756 (twin) to 1,414 (king) fabric-encased innersprings — arranged in five strategic zones with a reinforced perimeter — that float independently to facilitate airflow, alleviate pressure points, and ensure proper spinal alignment. Simply put, a great internal support system makes all the difference.

However, to fully realize the benefit of this exemplary support system, your mattress also needs to be properly supported. If your base flexes or sags, your new mattress will contour to it, just as it does with your body.

For bed frames that use slats, each slat should be arranged no more than 5" apart. (For heavier individuals and couples, 3 inches is recommended). These slats should be strong, non-flexible, and wide enough to create a stable, non-yielding platform. A center support for Queen, King, and California King bed frames is required. Avoid slats or foundations that feature flexible or concave systems. Don't have enough slats or your slats are not the right size? Relax. Your local hardware store can likely cut them to size for you. (Pro tip: If you have an existing slat, take it with you. It makes cutting new slats to match the length and height easy.)

How do you know if your foundation or bed base is not providing the proper support?

Try positioning your new mattress on the floor for one night. Yes, this can be awkward and our mattresses are heavy. But if this solves your issue or stops your mattress from appearing to sag in the middle, it's worth it. You'll discover your supports are the issue, not the mattress. And now you know what to fix.

Too springy? Ditch your old box spring.

Can you use your existing flexible box spring with your new Avocado mattress?

Technically, yes, but we strongly discourage it. Why? A box spring is made with a heavy gauge spring system and is designed to flex and give with an "old school" innerspring mattress on top of it.

An Avocado mattress is a hybrid — which means it combines latex cushioning with an internal innerspring support — a box spring will make the mattress too bouncy for most people. This system will also significantly diminish edge support. If you want to experience how switching from an "old-school" box spring to a more stable support structure (i.e. a bed with slats, foundation, platform bed, etc.), try repositioning your mattress on the floor for one night if you have the room and an extra set of strong hands to help. The support and sleep experience will be radically different and improved.

Neck, shoulder, or back pain? Get the right pillows.

Using an old pillow with your new mattress?

A proper pillow is more than an indulgence, it provides proper support for your head, neck, and upper back. In short, a great pillow will help keep your spine properly aligned and prevent neck pain. If your pillow is more than 2-3 years old, it's time to replace them.

For back sleepers, a firmer pillow is ideal to help maintain the proper alignment or curve of your neck and head, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Our Avocado Molded Latex Pillow or Avocado Green Pillow should be ideal. In the event that you would like your Avocado Green Pillow to be even firmer, you can add Green pillow fill. Adding pillow fill can also extend the life of your pillows. Our Molded Latex Pillow is firmer and holds its shape.

For side sleepers — especially those with preexisting issues of shoulder or hip pain — a medium-loft pillow tends to work best. When using an adjustable Avocado Green Pillow, you may want to remove a very modest amount of fill. A zipper on the side of the pillow provides easy access. You may also benefit from using a pillow between your knees or a body pillow. This will help minimize the twisting of your hips, prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and reduce stress on your hips and lower back. (Our pillow-top mattress and our mattress toppers will be particularly effective for side sleepers by alleviating pressure points.)

For stomach sleepers who keep their face very close to the mattress, a thinner pillow works well. Too much loft could leave your neck sore. When using an adjustable Avocado Green Pillow, try removing some fill to suit your preference.

Hip or Shoulder Pain? Try a Few Changes.

Suffering from back- or nerve-related pain? Do you have a history of hip or shoulder pain during the night, or numbness in the shoulder when you wake?

These issues may be partly attributed to your sleeping position, which is causing your spine to be misaligned. It could also be restricting blood flow to your limbs, pinching a nerve or causing pressure in your shoulder or hip area. Regardless, these issues are generally not the fault of the mattress. Transitioning to a mattress that is too soft may immediately alleviate your hip or shoulder pain, but may create new back, neck and shoulder pain over time.

That's why doctors, chiropractors and sleep professionals typically recommend natural latex and hybrid mattress designs to best address these specific conditions. Even so, for customers with existing hip or shoulder pain, no mattress can be expected to completely eliminate your condition. But choosing the right mattress, like our Avocado pillow-top model, can make a significant and positive impact. Some customers have added our plush mattress topper and realized immediate and lasting relief.

"My husband who is a 50+ triathlete said this was the first bed he has woken up pain-free. No hip issues or leg pain! Sweet dreams on winning in his age group!"
— Laura B.

"We were looking for a mattress to relieve hip and lower back pain. Took Consumer Report's top rating and ordered firm mattress topper. Couldn't be more satisfied. No more morning aches or pains!"
— Lee M.

"I LOVE my Avocado Green Mattress! I’m a side sleeper, so I bought the pillow top mattress and no longer wake up with back or hip pain. I sleep soundly, no more tossing and turning, and wake up feeling ready to start my day."
— Pauline L.

"We have bought and returned four mattresses in the last two years. My spouse has terrible body pain at night. We finally found Avocado at last. We both sleep well and I sleep pain-free. Thank you!"
— Karen M.

Trouble Adjusting? Give it 30 Nights.

How long will it take to adjust to your new mattress? Although some customers are "over the moon" on the first night, we recommend at least 30 nights, to manage expectations. (Your sleep trial gives you one year, so there is no rush.) Why 30 nights? For some people, it takes time for their body to adjust, especially if they are transitioning from a foam mattress or an old mattress that had lost its support. In these scenarios, we know that a little time works wonders. In fact, so many of our 5-star product reviews offer confirmation.

Sleeping hot? First, check your bedding.

The material design of an Avocado mattress has been crafted to help you sleep cool, encourage airflow, and wick moisture. So if you're sleeping hot, it is likely not the mattress. First, check other contributing factors and make appropriate changes:

Are your sheets thick or made of synthetic fibers or non-breathable microfibers? If so, try lighter weight sheets. We also strongly recommend switching to certified organic cotton or other natural woven materials. Natural woven sheets are more temperature stable. On warm days, they will feel cool; on cold days, they will feel warm. (As a bonus, cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric, so it's best for people who have trouble with skin irritations or allergies.) Our Customer Experience Team knows that sheets are a key component to a cool night's sleep. Check out our Organic Sheets.

Are you using a comforter or duvet filled with down or feathers? Try removing it, or switching to a lighter weight, natural blanket or cover. What may seem like a luxury may actually be trapping too much body heat.

Is your mattress on a non-breathable platform base? Platforms provide the proper support, but in some instances, completely cut off much-needed airflow (which actually occurs through the base of the mattress). If you can't easily switch to a different bed base, try using a Coconut Coir Mattress Pad. They're a great eco-friendly option and are made of extra-firm natural coconut fiber infused with natural latex. Coconut Coir Mattress Pads are porous and allow for greater air circulation between the bottom of your mattress and your platform bed’s surface. For humid environments, they can make a big difference, and they can even be used with slatted bed frames. (If you are going to put your mattress directly on the floor for an extended period, a Coconut Coir Mattress Pad or two stacked is essential.)

Are you using a waterproof mattress pad made with plastic? They will reduce the benefits of sleeping on a natural mattress. Waterproof mattress protectors are designed to create a "foolproof" moisture barrier. However, by cutting off the flow of moisture, you're also completely cutting off the natural flow of air. As a result, the natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties of the wool and cotton in your mattress are locked away under the waterproof mattress pad. Instead, try using a more breathable mattress protector (like our Organic Protectors) or no mattress protector, if a waterproof barrier is not an essential requirement.

Do you have too many covers? In this case, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that less really is better.

"We love this mattress. I used to get really hot at night, but since we switched to the Avocado, that problem has totally disappeared."
— Megan M.

"Cannot thank Avocado enough for literally the best mattress I have purchased and slept on for so many years. Pillow Top Mattress sleeps very cool with a soft touch pillow top and medium hybrid support that does not swallow you up... I could not ask for anything better."
— Michael B.

Is your mattress too firm or too soft? Try a topper.

If your mattress feels too firm, first make sure that your fitted sheet is not too tight (or small) for your Avocado Green Mattress. Our mattresses are between 11 and 13 inches tall, depending on the model. A fitted sheet that's too small will pull the mattress tight, like a drum.

For other situations, consider a mattress topper. Our support team can help ensure you select the right model.

Our natural latex mattress toppers are designed to rest on top of your existing mattress. Mattress toppers can substantially change the comfort profile of your existing mattress and contour to your body's natural curves with added cushioning and luxury. Our natural latex mattress toppers are available in both plush and firm options. Yes, we also offer a vegan mattress topper option made without wool. 😀

If you're looking for something more plush, we made our Plush Alpaca Pillow Topper for you. Best of all, it works with both our Standard or Pillow-top mattresses.

Body impressions? Consider the wool.

First, be sure to rotate your mattress once per month, for the first six months of use. Simply use the reinforced handles to rotate your mattress from head to toe. After the first six months, rotate your mattress once every other month. This will help ensure an even sleep surface on your new mattress. An Avocado Mattress has been independently tested by Leggett Labs® to be one of the most durable mattresses in the industry, experiencing approximately only a 1% reduction in height after 10 years of hard simulated usage.

Second, consider the wool or cotton under the ticking. Our Green Mattresses uses a generous layer of organic, non-crimped wool — 1 ounce per square foot. (Wool is measured by volume, not thickness.) Our Vegan Mattress and Vegan Latex Mattress use cotton instead of wool. In both cases, this generous layer is designed to wick moisture, encourage airflow, and help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

After you begin to sleep on your new mattress, the wool or cotton will gently compress and may give the false impression that a body indentation has formed, or there is a defect in the mattress. This is almost never the case. What you are experiencing is simply the wool or cotton becoming slightly compressed with normal usage. Over a short period of time, the wool or cotton layer will become more evenly compressed as you naturally move and roll about your mattress. Regularly rotating your mattress will hasten this process and even out the sleep surface.

Of course, we have our industry-leading 25-year limited warranty.

Sagging corner? Just grab the corners and shake.

If we used polyurethane foam in our mattress, the corners would immediately pop into shape. But since we don't want petrochemical foams in our homes, the corners (which use organic cotton batting) sometimes just take a bit longer to fully fill out after the initial unboxing. But don't worry, they will. However, if you're impatient — like all of us are — just grab each of the corners firmly by the top edge, lift it slightly, and give it a few shakes. That's usually enough to get the corners to fill out nicely. It's a simple trick that our Customer Experience Center says, "Works every time!"

Wrinkles? Yes, they'll go away.

Your mattress uses a cover made with certified organic cotton. So after being packaged and in transit, wrinkles are expected — especially as your mattress continues to fill out within the first day or two. But this, too, shall pass.

Adjustable base compatibility? See how it performs.

We get asked this often: How does an Avocado mattress function on an adjustable base? Really well, in fact. Although we do not have pictures on our website showing our mattresses on adjustable frames, the video product review by offers a nice demonstration. It shows how our mattress conforms to the base and holds nicely in various angled positions.

"We use the Avocado mattress on an adjustable base bed and it works out great. I have never been a back sleeper and within a month of using my new mattress I now find that I sleep the best sleeping on my back. Hands-down, this is the best mattress we have had in our 21 years of marriage!"
— Kathleen H.

"Best mattress ever! Use it on my adjustable bed and it feels so good."
— Corinne P.

Trouble falling asleep? Consider lifestyle changes.

Caffeine, blue light from television screens and tablets, and a generally stressed-out society all contribute to a restless night's sleep. No one likes to toss and turn at night. To help, change lifestyle habits: increase exercise, eat healthier, make time for meditation or prayer, make whoopie, try massage or aromatherapy, read a book, and of course, decrease the use of electronics within one hour of bedtime.

Off-gassing? No, that's Mother Nature.

We don't use petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives, or chemical flame retardants. Better still, our mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold® certified and tested by UL Environment®, which means they meet the most stringent standards for low chemical emissions. So, if you notice a scent after opening your mattress, rest assured — your mattress is not off-gassing.

However, a very small percentage of customers do notice a slight scent. Some customers say it's a great scent, something natural. This is due to the natural latex and natural wool (no wool in our Vegan) we use. Since your mattress was quickly packaged after being made (in California, not China, which we love to point out!), the strongest scents occur immediately after opening your mattress. In most situations, the scent gently dissipates over time. In especially humid environments, or for people with a latex sensitivity, it may be more immediately pronounced. You can accelerate the airing-out process by opening a window or leaving your mattress without sheets. Some people also opt to use a few drops of essential oils. Regardless, it will go away.

"This mattress is the best I’ve ever owned/slept on! High-quality materials and no toxic smell even right out of the box."
— Jane B.

"We love that it is all natural, no nasty chemical smell and that it is super comfy! We are going to buy Avocados for the kids now too!!!"
— Sarah D.

Other questions? Just ask!

Reach out to us via webchat, or use our contact form. We have a large and engaged Customer Experience Team, available every day of the week (except some holidays), with offices in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, California. We are always happy to help!

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