New Mattress Questions

Answers to common questions to help you sleep your best!

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Mattresses + Toppers

FAQs about our Green, Vegan and Latex mattresses, including reviews, specifications, materials, feel and care.

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Pillows + Bedding

More about our organic certified pillows, wedges, yoga cushion and award-winning bedding.

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Bases, Bed Frames & Furniture

FAQs about our eco-conscious bases, plus sustainably made bed frames and furniture.

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Bath + Body

Bath essentials. Beauty that goes beyond clean.

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Robes, PJs & Leisurewear

Robes, PJs, sleepwear and tees. Responsible apparel. Every purchase feeds someone in need in NY+LA.

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Health & Sustainability

Transparent information our mattress health, safety and sustainability issues.

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Trials + Returns + Warranty

Learn about our return policy & sleep trials, warranties, and order cancellation and exchange policies.

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Shipping + Delivery

Concise information about shipping, in-home delivery and packaging.

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General Information

General information about Avocado, Affiliates, and Discounts for Trade, Industry, Military, Teachers, Police Officers & Firemen.

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Avocado retail stores, video retail services and factory outlet store.

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GOTS, GOLS, MADE SAFE®, eco-INSTITUT® label, and more third-party certifications.

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