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Mattresses + Toppers

FAQs about our Green, Vegan and Latex mattresses, including reviews, specifications, materials, feel and care.

What Are the Dimensions and Weights of Your Mattresses?
How Do I Take My Mattress Out of the Box? When Can I Sleep On It?
Are Organic Mattresses Worth The Money?
Are Organic Mattresses Necessary?
What Mattress Size Is Best For Me?
How Do You Select a Mattress For Children and Adolescents With ADHD?
How Do You Pick a Mattress for a Growing Child? What Firmness is Best?
Can I Use an Electric Heating Mattress Pad With My Avocado Mattress?
What Type of Box is the Luxury Organic Mattress Shipped In?
What Size Dog Bed Is Right for My Dog?
Should I Buy A New Mattress or Add A Topper to My Existing One?
How Do I Store My Mattress?
Do Your Dog Beds Provide Orthopedic Support?
I Have Arthritis or Other Physical Ailments. What Mattress Is Right For Me?
What Is Graphite Powder?
What Happens to an Avocado Mattress in Extreme Temperatures?
When Should I Replace My Old, Traditional Mattress?
Can I Use My Mattress In a Van or Camper?
How Bouncy Is Your Mattress?
Isn't Wool Hot? Why Is It So Good For Temperature and Moisture?
Is Your Mattress Dust-mite Resistant?
What's the Best Mattress For My Sleeping Position?
Is There a Health Risk Due to EMFs and Innersprings in Your Mattress? Do Your Innersprings Act As an Antenna?
What are the Advantages of Organic Latex?
What Is the Weight Limit On Your Mattresses?
Are Your Mattresses Vegan? Do You Make an Option Without Wool or Animal Products?
What Keeps Your Mattress Layers From Shifting Without Using Chemical Adhesives in the Comfort Layers?
How Are the Seams Stitched? Will They Last?
Does an Avocado Mattress Sleep Hot?
How Do You Ensure the Wool and Cotton Do Not Shift During Production?
How Can Your Mattresses Be So Fresh?
What Is the Difference Between the Comfort and Support Layers?
What Are the ILD and Density Ratings of the Organic Latex in Your Green Mattress?
Why Is There Plastic Wrap on the Mattress? Is it Recyclable?
Rubber vs. Latex: What's the Difference?
Are the Coils in Your Innerspring Unit Made With Tempered Steel?
Do You Make Custom Sizes?
How Are the Layers of Your Mattresses Constructed?
How Is Your GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Made? What's In It? Has It Been Tested?
Is There a Foundation That You Recommend?
Can An Eco-Luxury Mattress or Topper Really Fit in That Box? What Size Is the Shipping Box?
How Long Does An Avocado Mattress Last?
What Is a Hybrid Mattress?
Can I Use My Existing Box Spring or Foundation?
Will An Avocado Mattress Work On an Adjustable Base?
Do I Need to Flip or Rotate My Mattress?
How to Clean Your Natural Mattress Without Using Harsh Chemicals
What Third-Party Performance and Durability Testing Have You Done?
What Do the Legal Label Tags On Your Mattresses Say?
Can You Tell Me More About the Innerspring Support Unit in Your Hybrid Mattresses?
Who Makes Avocado Mattresses?
Does An Avocado Mattress Need a Box Spring?
Why Does Your Law Label Say 'This Mattress Is Intended To Be Used Without A Foundation'?
What Are the Layers of Your Latex Mattress?
Too Firm Or Hard? Be Sure Your Mattress Isn't Upside Down.
Hybrid vs. Innerspring Mattress: What's the Difference?