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What's the Best Mattress For My Sleeping Position?
What's the Best Mattress For My Sleeping Position?

Each of our mattresses are tailored to how you sleep. This guide will help determine which is best for you.

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Everyone sleeps differently. Side-sleepers and combination sleepers prefer our Eco Organic, Luxury Mattress, or Green Pillow-Top Mattress, while back- and stomach-sleepers (and those with back pain) prefer our standard Green Mattress. But weight is also an important consideration. Lighter and average-weight sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress, while heavier folks typically need a firmer mattress. In the end, though, all that matters is what helps you sleep best.


Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position. Because of the curves in your hips and shoulders, pressure relief becomes an important consideration. The Luxury Plush Mattress is body-hugging and decadently soft — ideal for side sleepers or anyone who prefers a spectacularly plush feel. Weight is also a consideration. Lighter to average-weight people prefer a softer mattress, whereas heavier people tend to need a firmer mattress. Our Avocado Green Mattresses Pillow-top is also an excellent option for side sleepers and lighter-weight sleepers. Like the Luxury Plush Mattress, it also has an advanced innerspring unit at the base, with five zones of support. These coils are tuned to provide optimal support for your hips and shoulders and help to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly. Our comfort layers, which rest on top of the support coils, feature 4 inches of GOLS-certified organic latex foam. This provides the gentle, uplifting support that side sleepers require. Meanwhile, our Eco Organic Mattress has a medium firmness — a 5.5 out of 10 and is another great option for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is the second most common position and has a slightly less curvy profile than side sleeping. As a result, less latex is required in the top layers to ensure proper support and pressure relief. We recommend our standard Avocado Green Mattress (without the pillow-top option) for back sleepers. We also recommend our Latex Mattress for its responsive pressure relief.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least common position and has the flattest sleeping profile of all of the positions. Stomach sleepers need the least amount of support in the hips and shoulders. Instead, they require a gentle yet firm surface. Our standard Avocado Green Mattress (without the pillow-top option) and Latex Mattress are ideally suited for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers in this position due to lower back pain will also benefit from our standard Green Mattress or Latex Mattress.


Children and adolescents need a firmer sleep surface for safety and to support their growing bones. Our standard mattress provides the ideal support, durability, and natural materials that children require.

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