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What Happens to an Avocado Mattress in Extreme Temperatures?
What Happens to an Avocado Mattress in Extreme Temperatures?

Natural latex is not only incredibly supportive — it's durable and resilient, too.

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The best mattresses worldwide are made with organic, 100% natural latex rubber. No other material comes close regarding comfort, breathability, resiliency, elasticity, motion isolation, durability, support, and biodegradability. It makes a superior comfort and support layer. (We use it for both.) And the most desirable and scarce latex is GOLS-certified organic latex — grown ethically, sustainably, and responsibly — without persistent pesticides and herbicides, on USDA's NOP organic-certified family cooperatives, and processed in organic certified facilities to stringent standards. Organic latex is safe for farmers and their families and better for you and the planet.

It's also incredibly resilient. Latex can survive below-freezing temperatures as well as extremely hot and dry temperatures. If latex gets cold, it may take a bit longer to regain its original shape, but it will be fine in the long term.

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