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Is Light Shedding Normal for Your Alpaca Products?
Is Light Shedding Normal for Your Alpaca Products?

Alpaca fiber is one of the most sustainable and incredible fabrics in the world. Light shedding is completely normal.

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Alpaca is softer than silk and rarer than cashmere. Because the fibers are hollow, alpaca is lighter and warmer than wool. It's also one of the most eco-friendly natural materials since alpacas need less food and water than other fiber-producing animals. Alpaca fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic, mold resistant, nearly waterproof, and naturally flame retardant. And we use a lot of it in our Alpaca Topper and Alpaca Duvet Insert. If you notice light shedding of alpaca material — fibers coming through the cover — don't worry; it's perfectly normal for some of the fibers to poke through.

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