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How Do I Take My Mattress Out of the Box? When Can I Sleep On It?
How Do I Take My Mattress Out of the Box? When Can I Sleep On It?

Here are some tips for unboxing your new mattress.

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Opening and unboxing your new Avocado mattress is easy.


To unpack your Avocado Green Mattress, Eco Organic Mattress, Latex Mattress, Vegan Latex Mattress, or Vegan Mattress:

  1. Move the box to the room where you'll ultimately want your new mattress. Because we use natural materials (which weigh more than polyurethane foams), you may be surprised by how heavy your new mattress is. When moving it, especially the larger sizes, the work is best done by two people.

  2. Open the brown shipping box at the top within thirty days of receiving your mattress. Your mattress will be sealed inside with two layers of plastic.

  3. Slide the mattress out of the box by laying the box on its side.

  4. Find the edge of the white layer of plastic and begin to unroll the outer white layer of plastic only, and remove it from the mattress. Note that some mattresses will be wrapped in recycled brown paper, as we are working to reduce our plastic usage. Under the plastic wrap or brown paper wrap, the mattress will still be vacuum-sealed and compressed within a second layer of plastic. Do not cut the inner layer of plastic, or the mattress will immediately begin to expand.

  5. Unroll the mattress and position it — either on the floor or on your bed frame — in a spot where it has ample room for it to expand to full size.

  6. Finally, carefully cut the remaining transparent layer of vacuum-sealed plastic and remove it from the mattress. The mattress will fill to full size quickly (but not in any dangerous or alarming way). Call in friends and family members, as this is especially fun to watch. Within 30 minutes, you can lie on your new mattress. Within a few hours, your mattress will be fully expanded (slight variations may occur).


  1. To be green, we use brown shipping boxes with minimal branding. The money we save on printing and producing boxes helps us to fund our charitable and giving initiatives to nonprofits within 1% For the Planet®. We encourage you to read about them on our website.

  2. All mattresses are sent compressed — for both FedEx delivery and our optional in-home delivery and setup service. We have found it keeps them safer during transport and makes it far easier to move them up stairs and around corners (without marking walls) while they are still compressed.

  3. Any wrinkles will disappear within a few days. The cotton inside your mattress is organic and includes little lovely bits of cotton shell husk. Don't be alarmed. It is not dirt or mold. Just the tell-tale signature of a truly GOTS-certified organic cotton.

  4. Because we do not use polyurethane foam, the corners may be the last areas of the mattress to fully decompress. If you prefer to hasten the process, you can simply lift each corner and give it a little shake, while holding the top edge.

  5. Some customers may experience a natural scent after opening their mattress. It will disappear. This is a result of the organic materials used (latex, wool, and cotton), which have been vacuum-sealed within the plastic just after the mattress was made. It is not harmful in any way.

  6. Please recycle the plastic wrapping (LDPE #4) and the shipping box! (FYI: We are actively working on sourcing a plant-based wrapping material with sufficient tensile strength to replace the current plastic wrap. We hope to change this soon.)

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