Latex Mattress

The core of our Latex Mattress includes 9 inches of GOLS certified organic latex. From top to bottom, that includes a 2” layer of 100% GOLS certified organic Dunlop contoured latex (D65), 3" of 100% GOLS certified organic latex (D75), and another 4" layer of 100% GOLS certified organic latex (D75), plus a thin layer of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

We craft the top panel with 100% stretch organic cotton, over a generous layer of organic wool with thin non-woven backing as a natural fire barrier, per Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accessory requirements (required to keep the organic materials from shifting during production and to ensure the natural fibers do not clump or "work" through the cotton layers over time). We construct the side panels similarly but add a 100% organic needle-punch wool layer as a natural fire barrier. The bottom panel is the same as the side panel but uses 100% organic cotton canvas, in a herringbone pattern, instead of stretch organic cotton.

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