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How Do You Pick a Mattress for a Growing Child? What Firmness is Best?
How Do You Pick a Mattress for a Growing Child? What Firmness is Best?

Here are five factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for a growing child, tween, or teen.

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Growing kids need lots of sleep — anywhere from 10-14 hours per day, depending on their age. Their growing bodies and minds need quality rest to stay refreshed, alert, and focused.

When considering a mattress for a child, here are five factors to consider:

  1. Size: Picking the right size mattress for your child is not as straightforward as it may seem. Although a twin mattress is the most popular size for young children, a twin XL may better suit taller children. Many of our customers prefer a full- or queen-sized mattress since it allows for more freedom of movement and room for growth.

  2. Materials: Children are especially susceptible to chemical off-gassing, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and other industrial chemicals. You should avoid mattresses that contain petroleum-based polyurethane foams, memory foams, vinyl, chemical fire retardants, and chemical adhesives. Of course, we recommend a mattress that uses natural and hypoallergenic materials like organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. (If you're concerned about the rare potential of allergic reactions, these can be tested for in advance by your allergist.)

  3. Honesty & Quality: Don't take a manufacturer's marketing claims at face value. Ask to see the legal tag, which details what's actually inside the mattress. Also, carefully consider their green and eco-friendly certifications. And make sure that they have a rock-solid sleep trial and non-prorated warranty. A quality brand will stand behind its product.

  4. Firmness: Even if a pillow-top mattress looks and feels comfortable to you, most young children don't weigh enough to compress the layers and, as a result, wouldn't feel the difference until they are older (when they weigh more). So don't feel obligated to invest in a pillow-top mattress. The key is ensuring they have a gentle yet firm sleep surface for proper spinal support and alignment for their growing bodies. (Both of our mattresses nicely fit within this profile range.)

  5. Durability: A quality mattress, especially those with natural materials and an internal support coil system, will last many years. That's why choosing a firm, long-lasting product is essential. To protect your investment, we suggest investing in a mattress protector to guard against accidents and stains.

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