It's essential that pet beds provide orthopedic support — particularly for aging pups with joints that need extra love. That's why we design our Organic Dog Bed with 100% GOLS organic certified natural latex from our own farms. No material in the world — natural or synthetic — outperforms latex when it comes to comfort, breathability, resiliency, elasticity, motion isolation, durability, support, and even biodegradability. The best mattresses in the world, including all of Avocado's human mattresses, are made with natural latex. So why settle for anything less when it comes to your dog's bed?

For our Organic Dog Bed, we upcycle smaller pieces of leftover GOLS organic certified latex from our people beds. We lay the latex on top of a 3-inch breathable organic certified coconut husk pad for a firm and supportive, yet comfy layered base. Because our Organic Dog Bed is also made with 100% GOTS organic certified cotton, it’s entirely biodegradable. That means it's good for your pup and the environment.

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