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Why Is There Plastic Wrap on the Mattress? Is it Recyclable?
Why Is There Plastic Wrap on the Mattress? Is it Recyclable?

We Use Plastic LDPE ♶, which is recyclable and one of the safest types of plastic.

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This is an active project at Avocado. We are researching plant-based plastics and other biodegradable alternatives to the plastic wrap that we currently use, but we have yet to find a solution that has the required tensile strength. That being said, we want to remove the plastic wrap from our packaging, so we are researching and field-testing alternatives.

Until then, Some Background on What We Use Now

The plastic wrap used to wrap our compressed and rolled mattresses before being inserted into the shipping box is plastic type #4 - LDPE, also known as Low-Density Polyethylene. Low-density polyethylene is most often found in squeezable bottles, shopping bags, clothing, carpet, frozen food, bread bags, medical tubing, and some food wraps. ♶ is considered one of the safest types of plastic.

No polycarbonate (resin identification codes ♳, ♵, ♷ and ♹) are used. These are most often cited as the types of plastic to avoid.

Please Recycle!

Please recycle. ♶ is recyclable and is often made into compost bins, paneling, trash can liners and cans, floor tiles, and shipping envelopes. It can often be recycled in most neighborhood curbside recycling programs and at your local grocery store where shopping bags are recycled. We highly encourage you to make recycling the plastic wrap and the shipping carton a priority.

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