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What Mattress Size Is Best For Me?
What Mattress Size Is Best For Me?

Our mattress quiz and size guide will help you determine the ideal mattress size for you and your family.

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Mattress Size Chart

Mattresses typically come in six sizes: twin, twin xl, full/double, queen, king, and California king. What size is right for you? That depends on how many and the sizes of the people and pets that will be sleeping on it. Here’s a general breakdown.



What You Can Fit On There

Ideal For

Not Ideal For


28” x 52”

One very small human


Grown children, large pets


38” x 75”

One small, short human

Solo, shorter sleepers who live in small spaces.

Couples, tall humans, people who like to spread out wide.

Twin XL

38” x 80”

One small, tall human

Solo, taller sleepers who live in small spaces.

Couples, co-sleeping with large pets, larger solo sleepers.


54” x 75”

One adult human or two small adult humans

Individual adults and couples who like to get cozy.

Couples who like plenty of space.


60” x 80”

Two humans and one small animal

Couples who want a balance between space and intimacy.

Couples with large pets.


76” x 80”

Two humans and 1 Labrador or one child human

Couples, small families, and couples with pets.

Living in a small space.

California King

72” x 84”

Two humans and 1 Great Pyrenees or one child human

Tall couples, small/tall families, and tall couples with tall pets.

Living in a studio apartment.

What mattress size should I get?

Twin mattresses are ideal for smaller individuals or solo sleepers in small spaces like a dorm, studio, or loft. Twin XL mattresses are five inches long and the same width (38”) as a twin mattress, so they are better suited for taller individual sleepers in tighter spaces. A full also called a double, is ideal for individual sleepers with more space or smaller couples who like to sleep close together. A queen mattress is the most popular mattress size. It gives individual sleepers lots of space and, for most couples, the right balance of space and intimacy. A king-size mattress is perfect for couples who like to spread out in their own space or those that also sleep with a pet or child. A California king, four inches taller and narrower, suits taller couples who like their own space or those that sleep with a pet or child.

Can two people share a full bed?

Couples commonly share full/double mattresses, but whether or not it’s comfortable depends on the size of the individuals and the amount of space each requires to sleep well.

Is there a difference between a full mattress and a double mattress?

The term “full” is generally used interchangeably with “double.” The standard size of a twin or double mattress is 54” x 75”.

Will a queen-size mattress fit in a full bed frame?

No, the dimensions of a queen-size mattress make it too large for a full bed frame. A queen is larger than a full, so you’ll need a queen-size frame for your queen-size mattress.

Which mattress size is the largest?

At 76” inches wide, a king-size mattress is the widest size. A California king, at 80” inches, is the tallest mattress size. A California king is 72” inches wide — 4” narrower than a traditional king-size mattress.

Are mattress sizes standard?

Mattress sizes are consistent throughout the U.S. but can vary from country to country.

Will a full-size mattress fit in an SUV?

A full-size mattress will fit in some SUVs. If you’re moving and your mattress does not fit inside your vehicle, you can safely secure the mattress to most large SUVs using tie-down straps.

Will a queen-size mattress fit in a minivan?

Most queen-size mattresses do not fit inside minivans or SUVs.

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