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Does an Avocado Mattress Sleep Hot?
Does an Avocado Mattress Sleep Hot?

Because of their natural, organic materials, Avocado mattresses are known for their breathability.

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The natural materials in an Avocado Mattress provide excellent thermoregulating airflow.

Some mattresses sleep hot — especially those made out of synthetic materials. But an Avocado Mattress is naturally breathable, so you sleep cool and comfortable all night.

Our GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex is one of nature’s best-sleeping surfaces because it provides pressure relief, comfort, and support without the feeling of “sinking into” your mattress. An Avocado features a resilient sleep surface, which feels like floating rather than sinking. Organic and natural materials, like organic wool and cotton, also breathe exceptionally well, so you can rest assured that you will sleep comfortably cool.

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