How Do I Store My Mattress?

Going away? Here's how to make sure your mattress stays safe.

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The best mattresses worldwide are made with organic, 100% natural latex rubber. In addition to being incredibly supportive, natural latex is known for its resiliency. Still, following these tips will help ensure your mattress stays in great shape.

When storing the mattress, it's best to lay it flat rather than upright. If it must be upright, we recommend laying it flat against a wall so it doesn't bend or fold over. Our Eco line of mattresses should always be stored flat and never upright.

It's ideal that the mattress is in a temperature-controlled setting, but latex can survive below-freezing temperatures and extremely hot and dry temperatures (avoid wet and humid conditions). If latex gets cold, it may take a bit longer to regain its original shape — but in the long term, it will be fine. If the mattress is stored for an extended period (more than a few weeks), we recommend using a breathable case. If stored for a shorter period (i.e. during moving), a thick poly bag like this one will protect your mattress.

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