An Avocado mattress does not need a box spring. In fact, we do not recommend using a box spring for our Green or Latex mattresses. Firmer, non-yielding surfaces are better suited for your Green and Latex mattress. Using a box spring with a Green or Latex mattress can make it feel too springy, since a box spring is simply a "box with springs" inside. We strongly recommend using a Foundation instead of a box spring for these mattresses.

Important Warranty Considerations with a Box Spring

Although a box spring is not always incompatible with an Avocado Mattress, your box spring must provide proper support, and must be designed and constructed to be capable of handling the combined weight of both the sleep system and the intended users. Many do not.

Since many box springs tend to be associated with older innerspring mattress sets, they tend to not provide proper support for a heavy natural latex hybrid mattress or all latex mattress. They may cause your mattress to falsely appear as if it is sagging in the middle, or even cause your mattress' innerspring system to fail over time by bending your mattress in the wrong direction (lengthwise). This is why Avocado does not sell box springs.

Per the terms of our mattress warranty, "If the purchaser uses an inappropriate foundation, box spring or base as determined by Avocado Mattress, the Mattress Warranty, without limitation, will be void." When in doubt, we strongly recommend switching to a foundation or simply a bed frame or adjustable base that does not require a foundation. Your back will thank you, too.

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