Our Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame Base is compatible with headboards. We recommend ours, which we craft from FSC® certified (C156318), 100% reclaimed wood, and pairs beautifully.

Here's how to attach it:

  1. Your kit includes all the necessary hardware, including two "T" brackets and two "L" brackets.

  2. To create space, raise your head rest and move your bed away from the wall.

  3. Place "T" bracket into the slotted frame.

  4. Adjust to extend just beyond bed frame and tighten.

  5. Attach "L" bracket to the end of the "T" bracket.

  6. Adjust so it lines up with the headboard bracket and tighten.

  7. Move frame back toward the headboard and attached with a bolt through the "L" bracket.

  8. Admire your handiwork and beautiful new bed frame.

  9. Sleep soundly.

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