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How Does An Adjustable Bed Frame Base Work?
How Does An Adjustable Bed Frame Base Work?

Use the remote to power your Eco Pro Adjustable Bed Base into the best position for you.

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Our adjustable bed quietly glides into the most comfortable position for your body. A remote control and silent motor automate comfortable presets, customizable adjustments, a dual tension-relieving massage system, preset support positions, and under-the-bed lighting.

Whether sleeping, reading, working, watching TV, enjoying the built-in massage system, or going into the “zero-g” position, the Avocado Eco Pro Adjustable Bed Frame's array of clickable preset positions supports your wellness at the touch of a button. Not quite right? Easy micro-adjustments customize the bed to your exact needs. An independent head lift keeps you close to your nightstand and can raise to 65 degrees — a complete sitting position. Moreover, the frame has a “wall-hugging” effect, so unlike other adjustable frames, it doesn’t pull you away from your nightstand as it lifts you. On the other end, an independent leg lift raises up to 35 degrees and lowers for chaise lounge-style relaxing.

Is It Headboard Compatible?

Headboards fit our luxury Eco Pro Adjustable Bed Frame seamlessly with brackets and a few screws (sold separately). Avocado has its own handsome, natural headboard that is the perfect complement to our Adjustable Bed Frame. It’s made from FSC® certified (C156318), 100% reclaimed wood. Our headboard is handcrafted in Los Angeles by our craftspeople, who finish it in “rustic raw” with a zero-VOC sealant.

What Is the Zero-G Position?

The “zero-g” preset elevates the upper body and legs as if floating in space. This position can reduce pressure points throughout the body and increase circulation. By raising the head and legs above the torso, many say “zero-g” can also improve digestion while reducing snoring, heartburn, lower back pain, and swelling in the feet.

How Does the Massage Program Work?

You don't need to make an appointment. Lower your heart rate and ease into sleep with a nightly tension-relieving massage. Use the remote to turn up variable speeds and styles on your silent, dual-motor massagers.

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