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How Do I Assemble My Avocado Foundation?
How Do I Assemble My Avocado Foundation?

Assembling your foundation is easy and requires no tools.

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Our foundation has an easy, tool-free design. Watch the video below or follow the instructions thereafter to assemble the product.

Step 1, Unbox.

First, unbox your Green Mattress Foundation. In the box you'll find:

4 Frame Pieces

1 Support Beam

4 Joint Pins

2 Sets of Slats

Step 2, Set Up the Foundation

Arrange frame pieces into a square right side up. Gently slide interlocking joints together at each corner. Secure by inserting one joint pin into each of the four the pre-drilled holes in the joints.

Step 3, Attach the Support Beam

Gently slide the notches at the top and bottom of the support beam into the corresponding notches in the center of the foundation base.

Step 4, Add Slats

Starting at the top of the foundation, gently unfold the first set of slats, ensuring the top and bottom slats are secured on the black strip on the top corners and middle of the foundation.

Start the second set of slats where the first set ends. There should be no gap where the two sets of slats meet. Gently unfold them toward the base of the foundation, securing them on the black strip on the edge of the foundation.

Step 5, Enjoy!

High-five and admire your handiwork!

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