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How Do I Assemble My Natural Wood or Dog Bed Frame?

Assembly is simple and requires no tools.

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Our Natural bed frame assembly and disassembly is easy and requires no tools. The process for the Natural Wood Bed Frame and Dog Bed Frame is similar. It's easier for two people to manage the process, and some of the components are heavy.

1. Unbox the components.

2. Snap the metal hook fasteners in the side rails into the metal slot fasteners in the footboard and headboard rails. Modest down pressure will lock them snugly into place.

3. The side rails have crenelations, which will hold the bed slats firmly in place.

4. Attach the legs to the center beam.

5. Place the center beam in the slots in the middle of the bed frame.

6. Drop the pine wood slats into place within the crenelations along the side rails.

7. Place an Avocado mattress on top. Sweet dreams await!

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