Are Your Product Reviews Real?

Yes, our reviews are from verified purchasers and managed by a third-party review platform called YotPo.

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YotPo Third-Party Customer Reviews

Yotpo is a content marketing application designed for e-commerce stores and retail businesses like Avocado Green Brands. It makes it possible for our customers to generate unfiltered and authentic product reviews and ratings. It is an automatic system that emails verified customers after they purchase our product.

How YotPo Reviews are Acquired

Email after purchase: The YotPo system sends an email after every purchase to our customers, approximately 30-90 days after the transaction. (We do not request reviews immediately after a transaction.) These are verified reviews associated with a customer file and order and are shown with a green checkmark in the listings.

Onsite Reviews: On our product pages, customers can click the "Write Review" button and submit a review. These are unverified reviews and will be shown in the listing without a check mark. We only have a handful of these presently.

Why Do You Have So Many 5-Star Reviews?

We have a really high-quality product that we make ourselves in our own Los Angeles factory. So our reviews are exceptionally strong. But when things do go wrong, we have a large, talented, and engaged support team. We do our best to fix problems that arise, and to make things right. Our Customer Advocacy Team addresses this specifically, which is why you will see so many shout-outs for our great customer service!

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