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How and Where Do I Leave a Review or Testimonial?
How and Where Do I Leave a Review or Testimonial?

You can write a product or service review using YotPo, or by using Google, Facebook, or Consumer Reports.

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If you'd like to leave a review for Avocado and our products, we highly encourage you to do so! There are four options to leave reviews, listed below. Please note which options are from verified customers with verified transactions — an important consideration when determining the relevance and reliability of the review.

Of course, if something is not right with your order or experience, please get in touch with us directly using our online chat functionality or our contact form. We'd love the opportunity to make it right!

YotPo After Purchase Emails

Verified Customer & Verified Transactions
After you make a purchase from us, you will receive a "mail after purchase" email directly from YotPoa third-party customer review and rating platform — approximately 30 to 45 days after your initial transaction. YotPo will ask you to review one of the products from your order at a time.

Mail-after-purchase reviews are "Verified Buyer Reviews" and are shown with a green check mark on our website, since these reviews are written by real customers with matching transaction IDs. These reviews can be updated by the customer at any time using the link provided in the original email review request. Just so you know, we are able to leave public and private comments in response.


Unverified Customer, Not Associated with a Transaction
If you search for Avocado Mattress at, our Knowledge Box should appear, which contains our website link, reviews, address, hours, photos, etc. You can select the reviews link here and leave feedback at any time. These reviews are shown in Google search and map results. Please note: We are only able to leave public comments in response.


Unverified Customer, Not Associated with a Transaction
On Facebook, you can post a review on our page in the reviews section. These are also unverified reviews. Since Facebook will sometimes prompt a user to review a page they have visited — even if they have never visited their website or made a purchase — these reviews can be unqualified.

Also, other Facebook customers can reply to your review. When they do, you will be notified directly to continue the conversation or respond.

Many companies "turn off" Facebook reviews, so the option is unavailable. Although these reviews can be unqualified, we do not turn off the reviews tab functionality. You can leave a review for us here and also read our YotPo reviews, which are imported into Facebook. Please note: We are able to leave public comments in response.

Consumer Reports

Unverified Customers, Not Associated with a Transaction
If you are a member of Consumer Reports®, you can write a review for Avocado at any time. These reviews are verified by Consumer Reports® members but do not need to be associated with a verified transaction. Please note: We cannot comment or reply in any way.

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