Avocado Mattress® was cofounded in 2015 by Jeff D'Andrea, Dan D'Andrea, Jay Decker and Mark Abrials. Avocado Mattress was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, where we maintain our corporate offices and original Experience Center, right across from the Hoboken PATH station. Prior to Covid-19, the majority of our design, creative, marketing, and customer experience teams are also headquartered in Hoboken.

In 2018, Avocado Mattress completed a merger with Brentwood Home®, which has been making luxury, non-toxic mattresses in California since 1987. Vy Nguyen is the second-generation owner and CEO of Brentwood Home.

The new top-level corporate entity formed is Avocado Green Brands™ and remains privately held. Avocado Brands owns a portfolio of allied brands that share a singular mission — to foster socially conscious lifestyles that share a deep responsibility for our planet.

Avocado Brands also owns the factories in Los Angeles that proudly makes our eco-luxury mattress, bedding and furniture products by hand. We currently have a 32 acre footprint with nearly 750,000 square feet of manufacturing and production space in Orange County, Los Angeles. We also maintain a growing number of retail stores.

Our Brand Portfolio Includes:

Avocado Green Mattress — The #1 rated mattress in America, proudly made from natural, organic, and non-toxic materials.

Avocado Magazine – Our free lifestyle magazine and content hub focused on advocacy, education, wellness, and sustainable living.

Brentwood Home – One of the most reputable and trusted manufacturers of mattresses, bedding, and home essentials, with a progressive Californian ethos.

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