Step 1, Unbox

First, unbox your Avocado City Bed Frame. You’ll want to unbox your frame in the room where you want it set up, with enough space to lay out the parts in the shape or outline of the frame. In the box, you should find:

  • Two short rails (top and bottom)

  • Two long rails (sides)

  • Four legs

  • 8 Slats

  • 1 Center support beam

  • 1 Center support leg

  • 9 Screws

  • 1 Hex wrench

  • 1 Allen wrench

  • 1 Leveler

Step 2, Getting Your Pieces Organized

Lay the short rails (top), long rails (sides), and side rails in the outline of the bed frame, upside down, with with leg slot opening facing out. Match the top and bottom holes for alignment.

Step 3, Connect the Corners

Next, align and connect/nest the first corner into the joint of its partner corner. Slide the leg in to hold corner. Be sure the frame is square.

Step 4, Slide Legs In

Slide the leg in to hold the corner. Leg should slide in the corner easily. If it does not, be sure the frame is square and you have matched your leg with the correct rail.

Step 5, Insert Screws

Insert two screws into the leg. The screw on the long side of the frame should be placed in the lower hole. The screw on the short side of the frame should be placed in the higher hole. Tighten with the Allen wrench. Repeat Step 5 on the remaining legs.

Step 7, Turn the Frame Upright

Once you’ve tightly fastened the legs on each side, grab a partner and flip the bed frame so it’s now right side up, standing on the legs. Move the bed frame to its final position.

Step 8, Make It Level (not applicable to twin bed frames)

Attach leveler to the center support leg.

Then, insert the screw to the top of the center support beam to attach to the center support leg. Make sure leg is straight, then tighten with Allen wrench to secure leg.

Step 9, Drop Center Beam Into Place

Simply drop the center support beam into place. Then, adjust the leveler to be flush with the floor.

Step 9, Add Your Slats

Next, place a wooden slat in each of the slat openings on the bed frame.

Step 10, Try It Out!

Place your mattress on top and test it out — and don’t forget to recycle the packaging materials!

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