Debating between an Avocado Green Mattress and an Awara Mattress?

Awara is owned by Resident, a repeat offender for fraud, as ruled by the FTC. As such, carefully reviewing Awara mattress' marketing claims (related to organic and toxicity claims, for example) is important:

  1. Awara mattress is not a certified organic product and not listed on the GOTS public database. A GOTS certified product is made with certified organic materials in a facility that is also certified for organic production. Avocado is certified and publicly listed. This matters. The GOTS certification ensures — using on-site inspections and verification of records from the farm to the factory — that the organic materials and finished product are healthy for you, safe for the people that made them, and good for the environment; while at the same time, it ensures that social responsibility standards (ethical animal treatment, living wages, etc.) are met across the supply chain.

  2. Awara does not use 100% organic cotton. In truth, Awara uses up to 69% polyester. See their mattress legal tag below.

  3. Avocado uses organic certified wool (from our own farms) to naturally inhibit flammability and meet all safety standards. Awara uses hydrated silica.. As a result of this, as well as the high use of polyester, aramids and adhesives, the Awara mattress is not MADE SAFE® certified — one of the highest standards for products, ensuring that they are safe for humans and the environment.

  4. Awara uses less 33% latex than Avocado.

  5. Avocado is a needle-tufted mattress, while Awara uses a simple cover and zipper. Avocado uses a traditional handwork process in which long steel needles are pulled through a mattresses (in up to 32 spots) in order to hold the mattress together without using glue. It's a hallmark of a quality mattress. Awara is not needle-tufted. Instead, they spray water-based chemical adhesives to glue their latex to the innerspring unit. Adhesives are major contributors of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which pollute indoor air quality. In contrast, an Avocado Green Mattress is Greenguard Gold certified and verified as Formaldehyde free by UL Environment®.

  6. Avocado uses one of the best innerspring unit on the market, with 5 zones and up to 1,414 pocketed innerspring that float independently. In contrast, Awara uses 40% fewer springs (King size). Fewer innersprings deliver less full body support and diminishes durability. Equally important, because the Awara uses far fewer springs, motion transfer across the bed (disturbing your partner) is increased.

  7. All Avocado claims are backed by trusted, third-party certifications in our brand name, for radical transparency and responsibility. Even Avocado's giving initiatives through 1% for the Planet® are verified. Awara has no public certifications for any material or the finished product.

Compare Avocado vs. Awara® Mattress:

Avocado Green Mattress

Awara® Mattress


Consumer Reports®

#1 Highest Rated Mattress: 2018-2022
Ranking: 85

40+ spots below Avocado, but this was before Awara cut costs in Oct. 2021 — greatly reducing their latex volume and lowering the number of springs in their support system, and using more polyester.

U.S, News® 360 Mattress Review

#1 Best Overall Mattress


Awards & Accolades



11" (standard);
13" (pillow-top)

10" (standard);
12" (pillow-top)

Organic Latex for Comfort & Support

✅ 100% GOLS organic Dunlop

❌ "Natural" Dunlop,
not certified organic

Latex volume

3 inches (standard), 5 inches (pillow-top)

2 inches (Note: the Awara website claims 4 inches of latex. But the mattress is 10 inches tall and it uses 8 inch springs. See photo below.)

Organic Cover for Breathability

✅ 100% GOTS organic cotton

❌ Awara claims organic cotton, but it is mostly polyester (See Awara legal tag below.) Top: 69% polyester, 30% cotton, 1% Elastane. Side: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Bottom: 45% polyester, 32% rayon, 20% Latex, 3% Aramid

Organic Batting fiber filling

✅ 100% GOTS organic wool

❌ Polyester & wool, in a 2:1 ratio.

Organic Wool for cool sleep

✅ 100% GOTS organic wool from India

❌ Wool from New Zealand with polyester.

Pocketed innerspring for pressure relief & contouring

1,440 (King), 8-inch coils

868 (King), 8-inch coils
638 (Queen)

Motion Transfer
(due to fewer springs)

Best (low motion transfer)


Zoned innerspring support

✅ 5 ergonomic zones in the pocketed innersprings

❌ No zones.

Tested and endorsed by American Chiropractic Association board of doctors


Firm edge support on all sides

❌ No reinforced perimeter edge.

Base layer to reinforce the bed's shape and protect bed from pocket coils

✅ 100% GOLS organic Dunlop

❌ No base foam layer.

Construction method

Needle-tufted by hand

Glue is used to bind the latex directly to the spring unit. The cover is simply slipped on and closed with a zipper.

No Flame Retardant

❌ Hydrated silica & polyester

Organic Certifications

GOTS Organic Certified Mattress (full product)


100% GOLS Organic Certified Latex


100% GOTS Organic Certified Wool


"Organic Wool" is claimed, but no GOTS certification or license number. More importantly, wool is not included on the legal tag as a material. Wool is used with polyester batting.

100% GOTS Organic: Certified Cotton


❌ "Organic Cotton" is claimed, but no GOTS certification or license provided. More importantly, the cover is only 30% cotton. The rest is 69% polyester and 1% elastane. (See mattress legal tag below.)

Non-Toxic Certifications

Greenguard Gold (Whole Mattress)


eco-INSTITUT® Certified Latex


Formaldehyde-Free Verified by UL Environment®


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified (Latex, cotton & wool)


MADE-SAFE® Certified


Responsible Forestry

FSC® certified (C156318)(Latex mattresses, pillows, furniture and factories)


Rainforest Alliance


❌ Awara claims Rainforest Alliance. However, Rainforest Alliance/FSC confirms that Awara/Resident do not have any certification in their names.

Social Responsibility

B Corporation Certified

Overall Impact Score: 126.2 (the highest in the mattress & bedding industry)

1% For the Planet® Verified Giving Program

2020 Pinnacle Award Winner

Vegan Certified Option

PETA® Approved.

Landfill Waste Diversion

Avocado became the first mattress and bedding company to have its Landfill Waste Diversion rated and validated by UL. In 2022, Avocado’s goal is to achieve its Zero Waste certification.

Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Neutral Certified®

More than 53,700 tCO2e emissions offset to date.

Made with 100% renewable energy


Ownership & Trust

Mattress Trial

365 days

365 days. However, to get a refund, you have to find a donation partner yourself. Awara will not pick it up or offer assistance in finding a donation partner.

Customer mattress reviews

16,000+ (as of 1/22)

800 (as of 1/21)

Does Not Own Mattress Review Website(s)

✅ For ethical reasons, we do not. (Many brands do, and use search and social marketing to suggest editorial independence.)

❌ Sleep Authority dot com, is owned and operated by DreamCloud, LLC, which operates Nectar, DreamCloud, Level, and Awara.

Makes their mattresses

Our factory in Los Angeles, with domestic and imported materials (latex and wood)

❌ Subcontracts

Makes own organic latex

From our farms in India and Guatemala

❌ Subcontracts

Harvest own organic wool

From our farms in India

❌ Subcontracts

Better Business Bureau


Not accredited.

No FTC Settlements*

2 (Awara is owned by Resident Home, which owns the Awara, Nectar and DreamCloud brands.)
Read 2018 Settlement
Read 2021 Verdict

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Awara Legal Tag Shows Cover is Mostly Polyester:

The Awara Mattress Contains No Reinforced Perimeter, No Edge Support, No Ergonomic Support Zones:

The Awara Mattress Uses 2 Inches or Less of Latex:

The Awara Mattress is Not Needle Tufted — a Simple Zipper Cover is Used:

"Bedding Bundles" Made in China:

* Avocado is owned by Avocado Green Brands. Resident LLC owns Awara Mattress, DreamCloud, and Nectar Sleep. "Nectar Brand LLC Agrees to Settle FTC Charges that Company's Claims About Chinese-Made Mattresses Being 'Assembled in USA' Are False."

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