We offer three GOTS organic certified pillow protectors — Organic Cotton, Organic Waterproof, and Organic Quilted Pillow Protectors. Each pillow protector is designed to be used between your Green, Molded Latex, or Luxury Plush Pillow and your pillowcase (both of which are sold separately). Pillow protectors extend the life of your pillow, keep your pillow clean and healthy, and can even add a touch of luxury.

Each of our Avocado pillow protectors are designed with a different purpose in mind, which is why we offer three options. Our Organic Cotton Pillow Protector is the lightest and most affordable. Our Waterproof Protector provides the best protection for people that drool in their sleep, go to bed sweaty or with wet hair, or wear facial or hair products to bed, or use the pillows around pets or children. And our Quilted Pillow Protector adds structure, loft and comfort to your pillow, but because it is quilted with organic cotton, requires a bit more care. It must be dried flat or hung to dry before use.

Organic Pillow Protector Comparison

Organic Cotton Pillow Protector

Organic Waterproof Pillow Protector

Organic Quilted Pillow Protector

Price (Standard)




Keeps your pillow clean, fresh and bright




Extends the life of your organic pillow

Acts as a barrier against allergens and bacteria




Waterproof protection against drool and stains

Breathability for cool sleep




Adds structural support, loft and quilted comfort

Machine Washable

Lay flat or hang to dry. Ensure completely dry before using.

Zipper closure

GOTS Organic Certified Cotton and Certified Product

MADE SAFE® Certified

(In Progress)

Made in Los Angeles

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