Sheets and protectors that are too taut can affect the feel of your mattress, making it feel firmer than it actually is. For thicker Mattresses, we recommend deep pocket sheets and mattress protectors.

For anything more than 16 inches deep, our deep pocket versions will provide a better fit without getting too stretched out. With an elastic waist that’s 22 inches deep, they will fit the most luxurious mattresses on the planet, like our Luxury Plush Mattress or our goop x Avocado, both of which required deep pocket bedding.

Our Organic Cotton Deep Pocket Sheets, Organic Suvin Cotton Deep Pocket Sheets, Organic Deep Pocket Mattress Protector, and Waterproof Deep Pocket Mattress Pad Protector stay put and fit more comfortably when used with a thicker mattress. Specifically, our deep pocket sheets should be purchased with any non-standard height mattress or mattresses with an added pillow top.

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