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How Does an Avocado Green Mattress Compare to a Saatva Mattress?
How Does an Avocado Green Mattress Compare to a Saatva Mattress?

Our side-by-side comparison chart shows the differences between an Avocado Green Mattress and a Saatva® Classic Mattress.

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Debating between an Avocado Green Mattress and a Saatva Classic Mattress?

Avocado's Green Mattress and the Saatva Classic Mattress® are both hybrid mattresses, which means they combine layers of natural foam for comfort and pressure relief with innersprings for durable support. Although the mattresses have some similarities, there are important differences.

  1. Avocado is America's #1 rated innerspring hybrid from 2018 - 2023.

  2. Avocado makes its products and many of the source materials in Los Angeles. The Avocado factory has been making mattresses since 1987. We even make our furniture and have farms that produce our certified organic latex and certified organic wool.

  3. Avocado Green Mattress is a MADE SAFE® certified product — one of the most stringent ecological and human safety certifications. Simply put, MADE SAFE® has determined that all the materials we use in them are free from ingredients linked to or suspected to cause harm to humans, animals, or ecosystems.

  4. Avocado is a Climate Neutral Certified company. We measured and compensated for all of our brand’s cradle-to-customer emissions, and we have reduction actions in process on our journey to net zero.

  5. Avocado is approaching zero waste — and is the first mattress and bedding company to have its Landfill Waste Diversion rated and validated by UL.

  6. Avocado is one of the world's most sustainable and radically transparent brands, with verified giving programs through 1% for the Planet® for environmental and social responsibility.

Compare Avocado Green Mattress vs. Saatva® Classic Mattress:

Saatva® Classic Mattress

Ratings & Trust

Consumer Reports®
Overall Rating

84 — Ratings


Sleep Trial


Needle Tufting by Hand

Construction Details


Certified organic latex, certified organic cotton, and certified wool over individually wrapped innersprings.

Memory foam over individually wrapped coils, support coils, and high-density foam rails.

Motion Transfer

Minimal / Low



Vegan option


GOTS-Certified Organic Mattress (full product)


GOLS-Certified Organic Latex

In Avocado Brand Name

GOTS-Certified Organic Wool with no synthetic fibers

In Avocado Brand Name

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

(Whole mattress testing for off-gassing)

eco-Institut® Certified (Latex)

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified for human and ecological safety

(Latex, cotton & wool: 19.0.79546, 19.HIN.68466 & 15.HIN.75800, Hohenstein HTTI)

Formaldehyde-Free Claim Verified by UL Environment®

MADE-SAFE® Certified

Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)

Responsible Forestry

FSC® certified (C156318): Latex, Wood, and Mattress Factory and Furniture Factory

License: FSC-C156318

Rainforest Alliance® Latex

Social Responsibility

Certified B Corporation

Overall impact score: 126.2

1% For the Planet® Verified Giving Program

Profile. Avocado was the 2019 Pinnacle Award Winner.


Certification for Avocado Vegan Mattress, made without wool.
PETA® Approved

Landfill Waste Diversion

Avocado became the first mattress and bedding company to have its Landfill Waste Diversion rated and validated by UL. In 2021, Avocado’s goal is to achieve its Zero Waste certification.

Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Neutral Certified®

Made with 100% renewable energy

Ownership & Trust

Makes their own GOLS-certified organic latex

Farms and process their own GOTS-certified organic wool

Makes their bed frames and furniture

In our FSC® certified workshops in Los Angeles.

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