Checking Your Gift Card Balance

  1. Check your balance online using your unique gift card code.

  2. Or check your balance using the link found in your original gift card email. The gift card page that displays your code will always show your current gift card balance. You can access the gift card page by clicking on the "View Your Gift Card" button within the email.

  3. If you added your gift card to your Apple® Wallet, your current gift card balance will also appear there.

How Do I Send a Gift Card?

Our Digital Gift Cards are all electronic and can be sent to you or emailed directly to the lucky recipient. If you want to send the gift card directly to the recipient, click "Send As A Gift." From there, you can also add a personalized note and schedule the email notification.

Do Gift Cards Expire?

No, our gift cards never expire. (In California, for example, it's against the law for store gift certificates and gift cards to have an expiration date or dormancy fees.)

Where Else Can I Use the Gift Cards?

Our digital gift cards work across all of our brands. In addition to Avocado Green Mattress, gift cards can be used at:

  • Brentwood Home® — Affordable Memory Foam Mattresses, Manufactured In LA

  • Hass® — Sustainable Apparel Stitched in LA. Launching late 2021.

  • Reed+Gwen® — Sustainable Anhydrous Skin, Hair, and Body Care. Launching late 2021.

Can I Return a Gift Card?

Our gift cards are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

Can I Use a Gift Card at a Retail Stores?

You can use your gift card at any Avocado Green Mattress® retail store, which also will soon retail many of the most popular products from Hass® and Reed+Gwen®.

Can I Schedule Delivery of My Gift Card?

Yes. Simply select "Send as a Gift" when ordering your gift card. You can send the email immediately or choose the date. You will be notified with transactional emails to confirm the purchase of your gift card and when your recipient opens the email.

Can I Customize and Personalize My Gift Card?

Yes. When you opt to "Send as a Gift" on the Gift Card product page, you will be given options to enter a personal message and select a custom graphic for the cover.

How Do I Share My Gift Card?

Yes, we're all about sharing! The only thing you need to transfer your gift card is the gift card code, which can be found on your gift card page. So be sure to keep your gift card code private.

Can I Create a Custom Denomination?

Yes. Simply order and send more than one gift card in the denomination needed to create your desired value. Gift cards are considered a form of payment, and as a result, more than one can be used within a single order (as shown in the example below), For example, to send $600, simply send a $500 gift card and a $100 gift card.

Can Gift Cards Be Used with Store Discount Codes?

Yes. You can use as many gift cards as you want within a single order; however, only one Discount Code may be used.

Can an Unused Gift Card Balance Be Redeemed for Cash?


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