Keep in mind that we actually use real, solid wood in our furniture. Most companies use plastic, faux, painted wood, MDF, or particle board. Not us.

Because it's real timber, every piece of wood is inherently a little bit different. That's especially true in the reclaimed wood version of our designs. This is real reclaimed wood — not a "reclaimed wood" look. Its rich character, imperfections, and nail holes are carefully smoothed and plainly on display. It's truly sustainable, and the finished product is always unique. We think that makes it especially beautiful. No two pieces are the same.

That also means our reclaimed wood furniture will inevitably have color variations based on the inherent nature of the timber. This is true even for pieces in the same order, although we do our best to match them as closely as possible. If you purchased a reclaimed wood product in the past, it is unlikely to be an exact match of a newer item.

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