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How Do I Assemble My Solid Wood Bench?

Attaching the legs to your bench is super easy. Here's how.

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Handmade with resilient, stunning, maple wood in our FSC® certified Los Angeles woodshop, our Solid Wood Bench is at home at the end of the bed, behind the couch, in the mudroom, bathroom, or as a coffee table. The bench requires some basic assembly to attach the legs. You'll need your own Phillips #2 or #3 screwdriver.

In your shipment, you will receive the following:

  • One main platform

  • Two legs

  • Four brackets

  • Eight large screws

  • 16 smaller screws

  1. Flip the main platform over so the spaces for brackets are facing up.

  2. The legs are numbered. Match the leg to the corresponding number on the backside of the main platform.

  3. Using two large screws per bracket, place the screws in the larger holes in the center of the bracket and screw the brackets into the pre-drilled holes on the legs.

  4. Repeat for each bracket.

  5. Flip the legs over and place the brackets into the corresponding spaces on the main platform.

  6. Place the smaller screws into each of the four smaller outside holes on the bracket and screw into the pre-drilled holes on the main platform.

  7. Flip the bench so it is right side up, and enjoy your new, beautiful bench.

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