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How Do I Assemble My Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

Assembly of our Avocado Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame is easy and only requires an Allen wrench.

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Our stunning Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame with an optional headboard will elevate any bedroom with a classic, endearing charm. Made in our FSC-certified Los Angeles wood shop from walnut or maple, the bed frame and headboard are easy to set up. All you need is the included Allen wrench. Keep in mind that the short screws are for the bed frame and the long screws are for the legs.

Bed Frame

Included Pieces:

  • 4 Wide slats with screw holes on either end

  • 18 Thin slats

  • 2 End support beams with attached angular legs

  • 2 Short rails (top and bottom)

  • 2 Long rails with slat notches (sides)

  • Middle rail with slat notches on either side

  • 2 Support legs

  • 10 Long screws

  • 31 Short screws

  • 1 Allen wrench

1. Carefully unwrap each individual piece.

2. Arrange the short rails (top and bottom) and long rails (sides) upside down in the outline of the bed frame.

3. Place the middle rail in the center upside down. Match up holes for alignment.

4. Slide the short rails on top of the long rails and middle rail, nesting them in the respective joints. Ensure the holes match up.

5. Place wide slats upside down into slat notches with screw holes.

6. Insert three short screws into corner joint screw holes. Place one in the outer corner and left and right sides. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

7. Repeat for the remaining three corner joints.

8. Insert four short screws into middle rail screw holes at the top and bottom of the bed frame. Tighten with Allen wrench.

9. Attach wide slats using short screws and Allen wrench.

10. Carefully flip the bedframe over.

11. Using two people, lift up one end of the bed frame and slide one of the end support beams with angular legs underneath, aligning screw holes to match.

12. Attach end support beam using two long screws. Tighten with Allen wrench. Repeat for the other side.

13. Gently lift the bed and insert and tighten the long screws in the holes located on the underside of the center support beam.

14. Insert thin slats into remaining slat notches.

For the Headboard

Included Pieces:

  • Pre-assembled headboard

  • 3 long screws

  • Allen wrench

1. Carefully unbox the headboard.

2. Using two people, slide the pre-cut notches in the legs of the headboard onto the bed frame.

3. Place 1 long screw in each screw hole located underneath each headboard leg.

4. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

5. Enjoy luxurious, supportive sleep.

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