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How Do I Assemble My Zero-Waste Products?
How Do I Assemble My Zero-Waste Products?

Here's how to assembly your Zero Waste Coffee Table and Zero Waste Entryway Table.

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Zero Waste Coffee Table

Our modern Coffee Table is part of our Zero-Waste Furniture Collection, the pinnacle of sustainable craftsmanship. Instead of discarding leftover wood from our solid wood bed frames and furniture, we upcycle it, reimagining the pieces into stunning designs like our coffee table. Nothing goes to waste. The one-of-a-kind statement piece is handcrafted in our FSC® certified (C156318) Los Angeles woodshop from upcycled solid beechwood, a sustainable hardwood we ethically source in the USA. And we only use non-toxic, zero-VOC glues, paint, and varnishes. Follow these easy instructions to assemble your coffee table in minutes.

Included Pieces:

  • 4 Brackets

  • 48 Screws

  • 1 Round table top

  • 4 Rectangular leg pieces


  1. Carefully unbox all your pieces.

  2. Place the round table top upside down on a soft, smooth surface.

  3. One leg at a time, align the middle holes of the bracket with pre-drilled holes on the left side of the leg piece. Secure by inserting the screws into the holes. Tighten using a screwdriver. Repeat on the right side.

  4. Attach the rest of the brackets to the remaining legs.

  5. Gently flip the legs over and place them bracket-side down into the rectangular, pre-cut fittings.

  6. Secure the brackets to the bottom of the table’s top by inserting the remaining screws into the bracket holes. Tighten with a screwdriver.

  7. Using two people, flip the table over to rest on its legs.

  8. Admire your handiwork and enjoy!

Zero Waste Entryway Table

Elegant, durable, and sustainable. We craft our Wood Entryway Table exclusively with upcycled beechwood from our Los Angeles facility. It’s a low-impact luxury. And it’s a cinch to put together. Here’s how:

  1. Flip the table top upside down.

  2. Place the slatted base (with the narrow side down) around the arc on the base of the underside of the table. Be sure the three holes align.

  3. Place the three provided screws in each of the holes.

  4. Using an Allen wrench, twist them until they are tight.

  5. All set. Enjoy!

Zero Waste Round Table

Make a statement with our Round Wood Table. The table is a sophisticated and distinct centerpiece, featuring a 48-inch solid virgin wood top and a base that we craft with upcycled offcuts from our FSC®-certified Los Angeles woodshop. And it’s a cinch to put together. Here’s how:


  1. Stand the base with the narrow side (top) up.

  2. Align holes of "Sub-top" with the wholes on "Base".
    Using 6 of the screws provided, screw "Sub-top" into

  3. Using an Allen wrench, twist them until they are tight.

  4. Align holes on "Top" with holes on "Sub-top".
    Using 8 of the screws provided, screw "Sub-top" into

  5. Using an Allen wrench, twist them until they are tight.

  6. All set. Enjoy!

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